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The Circular Economy Project

What is Circular Economy? It is energy source and using renewable materials, extending the useful life of products, creating sharing platforms and reusing products or components, rethinking them as service: these are principles of Circular Economy, a new economic model created to start the path towards sustainability, offering companies an extraordinary opportunity in terms of competitiveness and innovation, creating value for both companies and their customers. At Enel X, we define the Circular Economy through five concepts: sustainable inputs, product as a service, sharing platforms, extension of the useful life of products, recovery and recycling.


The measurement of the level of Corporate Circularity is a qualitative assessment of the level of maturity and diffusion of the principles of the Circular Economy along the value chain of the entire company, from design to supply, to sales and post-consumption.


The measurement of the Circularity level of the specific site is a quantitative assessment of the level of implementation and dissemination of the principles of the Circular Economy applied to the energy sources and consumption systems of a specific site chosen by the customer (production site, warehouse, office).


The Report provides our customers with an analysis tool and a guide to undertake a virtuous path in the world of the Circular Economy. The Circularity Report measures customer circularity from two points of view.


In 2020 ENEL X was awarded the “sustainability service of the year” with its Circular Economy Report.
Sustainability Awards is a recognition by a committee of voluntary judges, leaders and experts in the field, conferred to whom have made sustainability an integral part of their business practices. The circularity report of Enel X was the prize awarded by Confindustria to the winning companies of the “Best Performer of the Circular Economy” competition.


What will I find in the Corporate Circularity Report?


The result of the measurement of the level of Corporate Circularity consists of a score expressed as a percentage that indicates the level of maturity of the company in terms of Circular Economy. Corporate CE reflects the result of a qualitative analysis of the entire company, conducted along all elements of the value chain (design, procurement, waste management, post-consumer, sales models, etc.).


The result of the measurement of the Energy Circularity level consists of a score expressed as a percentage that indicates the level of maturity in terms of Energy Circularity and reflects the result of a quantitative analysis conducted on a specific site (production, administrative, warehouse, etc.) and focused on the areas related to energy flows, efficiency, energy management and circularity enablers.


• Planning tool
• Communication tool
• Strategic and compettitive draft
• Cost and co2 reduction facilities
• Facilitated finance enabler

Products and Services

Distributed generation

Photovoltaic systems

Enel X guides your company along the path of sustainability, implementing customized strategies, providing solutions for reducing CO2 emissions and energy costs, using energy from renewable sources.

Enel X create photovoltaic systems according to customer needs, dealing with feasibility study, design (and related administrative and bureaucratic requirements), installation and commissioning of the system. The customer has the option to choose between different options.


Energy Efficiency

Enel X Energy Efficiency is the ideal partner for companies that are careful not only reducing their energy consumption, but also regarding the environmental impact on the path towards carbon neutrality and the circular economy.

We identify the best intervention solution by analyzing the individual auxiliary/process system and the entire energy ecosystem in which it is included; after careful analysis of energy consumption and with a data driven approach we engineer solutions that optimize the system considering its use.



The issue of energy is strategic for companies and for its competitiveness. It is the business card of a company that is highly sensible to environmental issues.

Enel X offers strategic energy consulting services to assess energy performance, identify energy efficiency potential such as the Energy Diagnosis service, the development of the Energy Management System (UNI EN ISO 50001) or obtain incentives to finance and reduce the return time of an investment in energy efficiency.



Flexibility is a valuable resource to facilitate the energy transition and increase the efficiency of the energy system.

Enel X offers companies the opportunity to contribute the stability of the network and monetize the flexibility of their assets through Demand Response, Interruptibility and the enhancement of energy surpluses programs.



Energy management Platforms

Energy management is an energy consumption monitoring system that collects, analyzes and makes visible energy expenditure values – such as consumption, costs and other variables – providing complete visibility on an important dimension, energy, which impacts all business sectors, helping customers identify the most effective and efficient actions for proper energy optimization.


Electric Mobility


Is our outdoor charging solution, designed to be positioned in the city: for public use, in strategic points for mobility, or in car companies.

Iconic: The distinctive design makes it easily recognizable and at the same time adaptable to different urban contexts

Customizable: Each company is able to personalize it with its own

Practical: The 10 inch color screen, high contrast and high definition, allows everyone an easy interaction

Intuitive: The high visibility LED clearly indicates the state of the charging: convenient for customers but also useful for reporting any illegal occupancies

Double socket: able to charge two electric vehicles at the same time

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